DNA Weight Loss & Fitness

With the genetic testing technology and scientific understanding of the human genome available today, it is now possible to develop individually tailored nutrition and exercise programs that are based on and tailored to your unique DNA. Only now has the cost of genetic testing come down to the point where it is feasible to use this technology for health management programs offered to the general public.

Programs tailored to an Individuals DNA have proven to be much more effective than generic programs. A recent study published by the European Society of Human Genetics found that dieters employing weight management programs tailored to the individual’s genome lost up to 33% more weight than those following standard, “one size fits all” weight loss programs. With the latest genomic technology, any health management program that does not take an individual’s genetic profile into account is simply guesswork.


$339 plus tax

Slim Genetics Report 71pgs.


  • DNA collection kit shipped to your preferred address
  • Laboratory analysis of your DNA sample – 48 genetic markers
  • Online interactive Slim report, including:
    • Analysis of 16 genetic traits related to weight loss
    • Food recommendations, including macronutrient breakdown and caloric needs
    • Nutrient recommendations, including supplement suggestions
    • Exercise recommendations, including cardio and strength training
    • Supporting scientific research



Weight Loss


-Weight loss tendency

-Weight regain




-Protein utilization

-Fat utilization

-Carb utilization


Food Sensitivity

-Sweets preference

-Bitternes sensitivity

-Caffeine metabolism



-Vitamin A tendency

-Vitamin B6 tendency

-Vitamin B9 tendency

-Vitamin B12 tendency

-Vitamin C tendency

-Vitamin D tendency



-Fat loss response to cardio

-fitness response to cardio

-Body composition response to strength training

-Hdl response to cardio

-Insulin sensitivity response to cardio

-Glucose response to cardio